About the Blog

The goal of Netcode is simple, promote and help the web designers and developers to the betterment of the web through design and code. I am promoting some of the theme as well which I found helpful. My focus is on betterment because I’ve seen firsthand that innovation and improvement can have a powerful and lasting effect.

Created in June 2014, this blog contains my experiences and knowledge in design and web coding, issues faced by web developer and designers in there day to day work. Although my focus is centered on the web, my overarching message is meant for all audiences since we strive to improve all aspects of websites in the world. Soon I am going to introduce some tips for UI designing of mobile applications as well.

Everything you read on Netcode is based on my own faced problems, knowledge and experience. I like to provide practical insights that help my audience to improve their designing and coding skills and consider their world from a best perspective. If you find any error on my site please inform me by filling simple form here, I’ll thank full to you.



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