Opal | Multi Preset Responsive WordPress Theme

opal theme


  • Opal multi preset responsive wordpress theme.
  • Components are blocks of their makeup the theme , each component follows a variety of options to customize.
  • Specific post queries filter posts to display in the slider so it shows you exactly what you want. You can choose to display this component only on the home page or on any specific pages.
  • You can choose an image background for individual posts/pages to make them really stand out in the crowd.

opak theme
opal theme
opal theme
opal theme

Written by Ranjeet Jha

Ranjeet Jha

Hey there! My name is Ranjeet. I’m a Web Designer & Front-end Developer. I design, code, build & promote all things HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & jQuery. In this blog you will find solutions of day to day problems faced by you.. Enjoy Coding..

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